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Executive Directors – It’s What You Don’t Know That Can Sink You

I’m an English major.  I don’t want to deal with accounting.  I would rather not power up Excel. But I do understand how important it is to get accounting right. Accountability.  Good Stewardship. … Continue reading

Nonprofit Forum: Building a Superior Budget

Financial Technologies and Management (FTM) has been providing an excellent monthly online Nonprofit Forum series. The Nonprofit Forum is in its third year – the healthy turnout at each month’s Nonprofit Forum is… Continue reading

Legacy Strongholds in Your Nonprofit

Because I write about nonprofit accounting a lot, the term “legacy” usually comes up in the context of software systems. For example, an accounting system that was designed in the 1980s but is… Continue reading

Must Read eBook: Confessions of Nonprofit Executive Directors

I love this eBook. It’s fiction, but it tells the real story. Sometimes (much of the time?) online information is so sterilized that it loses any opportunity to be helpful. No one wants… Continue reading

10 tips and tools for the busy nonprofit professional

Pomodoro Technique – Break down your day into 25-minute chunks so you can focus on ONE thing at a time with 5 minute breaks in between. Keeps your day from being B-O-R-I-N-G and… Continue reading

Meeting Nonprofit Regulations and Standards – May 25 Webcast

Culling through my inbox I found an invitation from Massey Consulting to this webcast coming up next week. It looks like a good one. It’s free to nonprofits, but registration is required. Wednesday,… Continue reading

The Importance of a Good Hire for Your Nonprofit Team

What is the most creative work-related idea you have had?  Tell me about a conflict you had with a fellow-worker. How was it resolved?  If I call your previous employer, what comments will… Continue reading

Nonprofit Performance Measurement 4 Mistakes to Avoid

In a recent blog post at Grantspace, Liana Downey highlights four pitfalls to avoid when developing performance measurements for a nonprofit organization. These pitfalls can derail your efforts to measure the right data… Continue reading

Financial Controls – A 7 Point Check List for Your Nonprofit or Church

Veracity of financial management is the cornerstone of integrity for your nonprofit or church. Just ask an organization whose financial management has been found lacking. It is the rare organization that can rebound… Continue reading

Nonprofits Serving Veterans, The Invictus Games

With friends and several family members who have served and continued to serve in the U.S. military, I am not objective when it comes to veterans’ issues.  I am  supportive and grateful for… Continue reading

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