AccuFund Announces 1st National User Conference

AccuSumIf your organization uses AccuFund software you’ll want to attend the company’s first national conference.

Yes, conferences involve travel, time, and money.  But there is no better way to gain additional proficiency and learn from the software developers.  Better yet, conferences are perfect for networking with other nonprofits that use the same software solution you do.

It’s a great opportunity to see the strengths of the software solution from a variety of perspectives.  It’s also a way to get more out of the significant investment your organization made when it purchased the solution.

From the AccuFund Press Release:

AccuFund announced its first national user conference, The AccuFund Summit for Nonprofits & Government, Ascending to New Heights, will take place October 23 – 25, 2017, in Centennial, Colorado.

The 2-1/2 day event will provide AccuFund users with intensive learning from the experts who develop, train and support their AccuFund solution. The AccuFund team is dedicated to enhancing its products to always be the best choice for nonprofits and government financial managers.

AccuSum2017 is designed to enrich our user’s knowledge of AccuFund applications, reporting capabilities and technology.

Attendees are able to customize their own conference schedule by selecting from learning sessions from (3) main areas:
• Reporting Track
• Application Track
• Technology Track

AccuFund’s National User Conference is in addition to the current AccuFund training offerings of regional user group meetings, report writer trainings and online programs. “Our goal is to help our users get the most out of their AccuFund accounting system; enabling them to increase their proficiency with the system helps improve their productivity. And that in turn means they have more time for strategic thinking and planning, “explains Peter Stam, AccuFund president. “The opportunity for our users, as well as our experts, to come together in one location and create a rich learning experience, is very exciting. We look forward to helping our users position themselves and their organizations/agencies for ongoing growth and mission fulfilment.”

For more information, call 877-872-2228 ext. 231, email or visit