The Tortoise, the Hare, and the Tech-savvy Nonprofit

When it comes to automation, investment in technology, and nonprofits, all too often it’s a matter of good people doing the wrong things for understandable reasons.

The bottom line is this: if your Finance Director or CFO is spending time on manual processes that could be handled by grant and fund accounting software systems, you are wasting resources and limiting the impact of your mission.

If you haven’t replaced your accounting software in the last 7 – 10 years, you are working with tools developed in the last millennium. Perhaps your accounting team has been enablers of a sort, continuing to fire up Excel and create yet another spreadsheet to manage the gap (good people doing the wrong things) in order to spare a big expenditure (an understandable reason).

But given what you are paying your FD or CFO, by allowing them to deal with countless workflows without the benefit of automation, you are cheating the organization out of their true value and expertise: the ability to analyze data in order optimize the organization.

Tech-savvy Nonprofit

Repetitive tasks are best suited for software automation. Repetitive tasks are the raison d’être of data management solutions.

Unlike the time-honored fable, the tortoise is not winning any races. Neither is the hare for that matter. The tech-savvy nonprofits are winning. They are automating so that they can focus the talent and expertise of their team on those critical areas where a human touch or innovation is needed.

For Development Directors, Fundraising Genius published a nice article on called ‘The 5 Biggest Benefits of Nonprofit Automation’ and for Finance Directors’ there’s the article ‘Your Best Contribution to Your Nonprofit as Finance Director’ – both point out the waste of constraining the organization because there isn’t an adequate technology solution in place.