Wanted: Volunteers – How Your Nonprofit Might Benefit from This Online Tool from Besa

I was reading an interesting article on Millennial volunteers at Nonprofit Quarterly (Nonprofit Uses of Technology to Engage Millennial Volunteers) and they mentioned an online volunteer recruitment service called Besa – I had never heard of it before, so I spent a little time going through their website. It looks like a great little service.

If you are a nonprofit and you want to recruit volunteers, you can create a posting on the Besa website. First you fill out a form that asks for information about you – your name, email, phone number, and your role in the organization. The form asks for organization name, website and whether your organization is a school or a 501c3 nonprofit.

Then it asks about the project you’re recruiting volunteers for: description of the project, ideal number of volunteer, location address, proposed date and start/stop time.

There are some pragmatic questions about whether background checks or orientation are required; whether or not the event is “kid-friendly”, and any other information about the event that would be helpful to the volunteer.

Once you’ve submitted the form, Besa will follow up within two business days. Once approved and confirmed, you’ll get a listing like the one below:

Besa Volunteer Service


Currently the volunteer services are primarily focused in the Columbus, Ohio area. The website states that they do manage projects in other communities and plan to continue to expand their outreach efforts.

Besa is 100% community supported, receiving individual, grants, and corporate support for their service.

BESA is an Albanian term in origin. It’s the belief that we can overcome our differences and come together to address the problems that plague our communities.

Besa has assisted 350 service projects across 50+ partner charities.

The website acknowledges that Besa volunteers have donated over $45,00 in goods through Besa-led drives (diapers, reusable totes, Christmas presents for low income seniors, pet supplies, toiletries, etc.) $250,000 in goods and services donated back to local nonprofits through Besa.