Special Report: CFOs Look to Endowment Management Technology

Special Report: CFOs Look to Endowment Management Technology

The start of 2016 has not been a good one for the financial markets. For many, the downward trend brings back painful memories of the great reset of 2008 and 2009. For organizations relying on the revenue generated by endowments, this may impact the amount of funds available for the programs, scholarships, research and other activities to which they’ve committed financial support.

Technology not only helps CFOs and Finance Directors manage endowments, technology delivers the financial data to the managers of funded programs.

Disclosure – I wrote this special report for Nonprofit Technology News. Here is a link to download the report.

More and more nonprofits are looking to endowments as a means to diversify their sources of funding. Endowments have long been a favorite funding tool for institutions of higher learning. Whether a nonprofit is new to endowment management or has been managing endowments for decades, a recent survey commissioned by AccuFund and conducted by Nonprofit-PRO shows some interesting statistics:  Endowment Accounting Survey Should Raise Some Eyebrows.