Data and Metric Dashboards for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Dashboards

When you put meaningful, up-to-the-minute information, compared year-over-year into the hands of your team – insight, trends, and opportunities become apparent for your nonprofit executives, program managers and accounting. Dashboards provide members of your team with the information that is important to them.

Informational dashboards are a hot topic for Nonprofits.

Example of a Nonprofit Dashboard

Here’s an example of an Intacct dashboard for a Federally Qualifying Healthcare Organization. In this particular dashboard, they have the year to date tallies of patients served, number of office visits, number of clinicians, as well as revenue per clinician.  It also includes information on revenue and expense by location.

Dashboards can be configured to display different information to different people in the organization.  What does the end user wish to see? Would your executive director like to track reserves, cash flow and debt levels? Is it important to track revenue per clinician, or the cost per patient visit? Would knowing the number of patients served this year compared to the prior year be important? What about average time to process claims?

Aligning your nonprofit dashboard to your key performance metrics is an excellent application of data-driven dashboards.

Nonprofit Dashboards

Recently, Nonprofit Quarterly offered a webcast on the power of nonprofit dashboards.  Close to 2,000 people registered for the presentation.  Another 1,500+ watched that video below.  What that says to me is that Nonprofit Dashboards provide the kind of information nonprofit leaders crave.  Armed with meaningful insight into the various departments and programs of the organization, managers and executives can have a greater positive impact of the programs, the mission, and constituents.