Optimize Your Salesforce Nonprofit Solution: White Paper available

Salesforce, one of the biggest names in commercial CRM, has long offered it’s solution at no cost or at a deep discount to qualifying Nonprofit organizations.  From the nonprofit organization’s point of view, you will need an expert to help you configure and implement Salesforce.  And, you will have to pay for those consulting services.  This is neither a criticism nor an endorsement.  I share that observation simply for clarity.  It’s called the Power of Us program and you may click on the link for more information.

I was reminded of the Power of Us program when an AccuFund White Paper “Optimize Your Salesforce Nonprofit Solution” found it’s way to me.  AccuFund is a well-known Fund Accounting, Endowment Management, Government, and Representative Payee software publisher.

Salesforce NonprofitProbing questions and thoughtful insights abound throughout this white paper.

  •  Is your database functionality aligned to the organizational goals/objectives?
  •  Is working with data becoming a chore?
  •  Are you able to efficiently provide the reports leadership needs?
  •  Are you missing pieces of data that are necessary for reporting?
  •  What tools or customizations are needed to create efficiencies for your organization?

If your organization has Salesforce this is a helpful guide in making the most of the application. If you don’t have Salesforce, as you evaluate software solutions, the Power of Us may deliver a cost-effective solution.  First and foremost – when selecting software, features trump all.  You must invest in the features that allow you move from your current state into an improved future state.  Other considerations when selecting software is the technology platform (cloud-based versus on-premises, total cost of ownership, and solution ROI.

There are many wonderful solutions available to nonprofits today – finding a solutions that “fits” your organization is much more likely today than it was 10 years ago.

(Full disclosure:  I have written white papers and consulted with AccuFund)