End of the Week and After-hours April 29 Edition

Where we have a little fun…

Purple Rain

Mashable reports that ‘Purple Rain’ showings this week have been so popular, AMC theaters will continue show it for another week.

“Purple Rain was a solid hit when it came out in July of 1984,” reports Mashable. “Climbing to $68.3 million domestically — and boosting Prince from pop star to icon-level superstardom. If re-release figures are ever disclosed, they could push the film over $70 million.”


www.tveskimo.comOur Wednesday nights are booked for the next few weeks as we enjoy our favorite show on TV right now, The Americans. Set in the ’80s during the height of the Cold War, The Americans is a taut hour of suspense. Sometimes, when watching, I forget to breathe…and it usually takes me a good 30 minutes to calm down after the episode has concluded. It’s very well written with complicated character relationships and outstanding performances from stars and support cast. Not watching The Americans and concerned that you’ll be lost beginning mid-fourth season? If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch previous seasons at no charge!

Video of the week – Herbie Hancock shares remembrances of Miles Davis.  “Miles didn’t hear it as a mistake.  He heard it as an event….and he found something that fit.  Take whatever life gives you and make something constructive our of it.”

Enjoy your weekend.  Enjoy life!