Superior Nonprofit Accounting Software ROI Equals Good Stewardship

Given that the average life span of a fund accounting solution is seven to ten years, investing in a new solution is one of the most important decisions Nonprofit Finance Directors and management can make.

ROI Accounting Software Selection

In addition to evaluating the features that a particular solution offers, you must also evaluate the technology platform and, in many cases, the technology partner who will be implementing the solution on your behalf.

ROI Accounting Software SelectionIncreasingly – and wisely – evaluating the ROI of fund accounting software is an important aspect of your overall decision. This exercise reveal how quickly the software will pay for itself. ROI can be found in automation of current manual tasks, greater productivity of personnel due to the improved toolset the software offers, and eliminating the expense of hardware and other costs associated with non-Cloud deployed software.

This article gives a thorough listing of the different ways to calculate ROI – and a good way to compare the ROI of solutions with different technology platforms (on-premises and cloud).

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